How to Introduce a New Cat in Your Household

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People usually get excited to get a cat. However, more often than not, they tend to forget that these animals might get overwhelmed with the new environment.

That is why it is important to have the cats feel comfortable before they are let loose. Kids would want to grab them or feel a little excited to play with them. As a result, your cats feel scared and uncomfortable with its new home.

Give cats a calm welcome

Cats should be given a calm welcome when introduced to their new home. All the hissing, screaming and too much excitement would only get them feeling frightened.

Kittens who are newly weaned from their mothers may feel that their security have been taken away. Older cats who have just gotten out of a cat enclosure may feel the same especially when bombarded with a great amount of change.

Giving cats an overwhelmed feeling can result to a series of unwanted events. This can include biting people who come close to them, scratching, not use the kitty litter or even not eat at all. The result of the super warm welcome can get the owner thinking a cat is not a good fit for their household.

That is why it is necessary to properly introduce a cat to its new home. This will be a good start for a long lasting relationship and the rewards that follow from owning a cat.

Furthermore, it is important to take note that proper introduction should be done by the members of the family. It usually requires time and patience for the animal to get used with the new environment condition.

Learning about a cat’s transition period

Owners should remember to not have the cat freed at once it reached the house. This is because a cat needs time to get along the environment for about two weeks especially when you also have other pets.

You can get the cat isolated in a small room like a spare bathroom. This is a good space since to make the cat adjust and feel comfortable within a small space. People in the house will not visit a cat inside the bathroom frequently making it more secured. You can also clean the space easily as it has tiled floors.

For those who do not have a spare bathroom, any isolated area in the house would work fine for the transition period of the cat. Be sure to have it ready with water, toys, a bed and a litter box before taking the cat home. You can also bring the previous toys of the cat for it to have a sense of security through familiar scents of its old environment.

On the other hand, feeding should not start the moment the cat enters the new house. Give it time to settle and provide food after an hour or two or after it gets familiar with the new space. You should also open the cat crate inside the isolation room instead of having it opened at once you enter the house.

Allow the cat to roam around on its own. This would take a little time but it will also serve as a signal that the cat has already been familiar with its new environment. After being able to roam around on its own, you can show the cat its litter place. After an hour, you can start giving food and friendly hugs.

Why is isolation period important to cats?

The isolation period for cats is an important way to ensure that a cat is introduced properly in the household. It also makes the transition gentler and easier for the animal. By doing a cat enclosure, you are also providing the animal time to get familiar with its new environment, socializing with other animals, the noises and the scents of the new space.

The period when you isolate a new cat will also give owners time to check on their health condition. Take note that it is a common scene when new cats brought home do not eat for a couple of days. However, if this continues to happen, the cat is already in danger of getting dehydrated or kidney trouble.

The isolation period is also a good time to check if the cat is properly using the kitty litter. It is also a good time to observe its eating and drinking condition. Owners can also check for health issue problems during this time.

Meanwhile, children can be allowed to meet the new cat. However, they should come one at a time to avoid getting it overwhelmed or frightened. Have it familiar with the scents of the other pets already at home. Once the cat starts to eat its food and grooms itself, this is already an indication of acceptance of the new environment.

Having a new cat for a pet is not difficult as long as you know how to get started. It is important that the right introduction is made. This would ensure that your cat gets acquainted with the new area a lot faster.


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