The Best Training Gifts for Active Dogs

training gifts for dogs

Whether you have a naughty pup or a well-behaved one, your energetic four-legged pal will love to receive some training gifts. These items should keep them busy all year long, especially when you’re out for some errands or work. 

When you have an active dog at home, there is never really a dull moment. Most of them time, he is always up for some games or training sessions. However, if you don’t give him an outlet to release his inner energetic soul, then it is likely that things around you will be devoured. Worse, your kids will get herded because of boredom. 

Worry no more! These training gifts should be loved by your active dogs: 

1. Agility Equipment 

Agility exercises are the best ways to burn out your furry buddy’s energy, of course, in a focused and disciplined way. That means investing in agility equipment will be of great help. 

There is a plethora of agility equipment for dogs you can get. There are tunnels, tables, A-frames, dog walks, seesaws, and weave poles. You can install them in your yard or in a dedicated room so you’ll have a place for agility training. 

But if you plan to play with your dog at home, we suggest you enroll your dog in an agility training class first. That way, he’ll know how to properly execute and go through the obstacles. You’ll also be confident that you’re playing with your dog in the safest way possible. 

Now, if there are no dog training classes in your area, you can opt for online sports classes. These classes are a great way to teach your dog a certain sport, or even respond to the most basic commands. 

In these online courses, your dog might be asked to attend via video chat. There will be message boards for you to respond. You might even be asked to submit videos as your pet’s homework. Just perform a quick search online and you’d be surprised to see the number of options you have. 

Online agility classes make a great option for pet owners who don’t have a time to get out of the house or those who cannot afford to leave their homes because of the weather or for some personal reasons. After these classes, you’ll be happy that your dog is starting to sniff around with concentration. 

2. Food Dispensing Toys 

Since you will have to feed your pooch anyway, why not just let him have fun and burn out all his energy while eating? Interesting, right? 

There are many food dispensing toys out on the market today, designed to make mealtime fun and exciting. But take note that the best toy will depend on the needs of your dog. While strong dogs require toys that are tough and don’t have small parts, smaller canines need lighter toys that can be easily pushed around. 

When looking around for food dispensing toys, start with toys that are attractive to their eyes. You can get a cube, a hollow ball, or the so-called Kong Wobbler toy. With these toys, dog treats easily come out. Once you notice that your dog is showing progress, you can look for more complicated toys that require more effort to open. 

3. Automatic Ball Launcher 

Does your pet dog enjoy playing fetch? If that is the case, an automatic ball launcher might just be the perfect toy for him. Either you or your pet dog will put the ball into the toy and it will automatically throw the ball out. 

There are more complex launchers out there that have settings that let you set the direction or distance for the ball. If you have a limited space, then these complex launchers are your best choices. 

If you are worried that you might tire out your dog completely, then think again. There are automatic ball launchers that have rest modes that will automatically sleep after fifteen minutes of straight play. Through this rest mode, you can ensure your pooch doesn’t overplay. This feature is especially handy if you are not there and your dog already knows how to load the ball himself. 

4. Flirt Pole 

Sometimes, the simplest toys are the most fun to play with, for instance, flirt poles. These poles are basically sturdy versions of the classic cat toys that appear like a fishing rod with a fish toy hooked onto the end. 

Flirt poles are designed to give dogs an awesome chase game while you’re sitting on the couch or standing still. Just pull the toy back and forth and let your dog chase it. The goal is not really to catch the toy. It’s basically about passion and pursuit. If your dog catches the toy, it is possible that he will take it with him inside his dog house and murder the toy. Don’t worry, though, you can always get a replacement toy. 

5. Daycare Gift Passes 

If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs, then consider buying him a gift card so he can run around with other canines in a doggie day care center. Many sociable dogs can benefit from the hours of playing with other pooches, even at least once a week. 

Just make sure you choose a reputable doggie day care. Check if they have a safe area and that the facility have checked and tested. Ask if they have an employee who will check on the dogs’ well-being as well. By doing this, you can breathe well knowing that your dog is in safe hands. 

So, do you think it’s time to go shopping for these training gifts? As a responsible dog owner, you should head out to the pet shop now and see what you can get. 

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