7 Tips to Helping Your Pet Birds Thrive


No matter what avian species you are raising, it is undeniable that pet birds are truly a delight to have at home. That is especially true if you understand everything about bird care.

With a right-sized bird cage, a well-balanced diet, and a few toys for entertainment, you can make them feel welcomed and safe at home. But since we can’t help but spoil them at times, the tendency is we contribute to their premature demise.

Nonetheless, it can always be prevented. Here are some tips every bird owner must take into careful consideration. If you can keep them in mind, then it’d be great, as you’ll get to spend more years together!

1. Don’t walk outside with the birds on top of your head.

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While this tip may sound like something that shouldn’t be reminded over and over, many pet bird owners tend to take this for granted. As a result, they lose their beloved winged pals in an instant.

Every after you play with your pet and before you head out, make sure to have a look in the mirror. He might be hiding somewhere in your head. The next thing you’ll notice is that he’s already flying from one branch to another.

2. Keep the bird feeder clean at all times.

Birds are really good at unhusking seeds. They love to nibble only the insides, so the feeder might deceive you. You think there’s still food, when actually only the husks are left.

If you don’t want to accidentally starve your little pals, empty the feeders and refill it with seeds on a daily basis. Also, do not forget the water bottles.

Maintaining cleanliness is one of your major responsibilities as a pet owner. That being said, you must not just clean the bird feeder alone. You also have to clean everything you find in the cage. Wash anything that needs to be washed and let them dry in open air.

3. Do not just feed seeds.

In order for their population to thrive, birds don’t just eat seeds. They also feed on fresh veggies and fruits as these foods help them live longer than the usual.

For budgies, a freshly rinsed lettuce would make an excellent meal, so are corn, apples, and strawberries. Do not ever feed them with salt, chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, soda, mushrooms, onion, avocado, or sugar. You don’t want to upset their stomachs.

Bonus. To know what’s best to feed your birds, download a copy of the ebook below. You’ll definitely learn something from that, from what to feed them to keeping them in good shape the entire year.

4. Help them adapt to varying temperature.

Australia is known for extreme temperatures, experiencing both summer and winter. Hence, if you have budgies that are native to the country, make sure you protect them from abrupt temperature changes. These avian species can easily catch illnesses and infections if that happens.

It is also worth noting that a cold draft can quickly make your pet birds sick. So do not position the bird cage near the door or an open window. Keep it somewhere where the temperature is moderate.

5. Do not expose them to fumes.

Because birds have very delicate respiratory systems, they quickly become ill when exposed to fumes from perfume, cigarettes, cleaning products, air fresheners, and candles. As much as possible, keep your pet’s cage away from these chemicals.

6. Always look after your pet birds when they are out of the cage.

Experts advise pet owners to take their winged pals out of the cage at least once in a while. That way, they’d be able to fly around and get some exercise. But as a responsible pet owner, you know you have to be careful on some other things.

If you have some household plants in the vicinity, it would be best to move it to another room where they don’t have access. Furthermore, if there are paint peelings, you should get it fixed for them not to be able to chew on the lead content. Cover any container with large quantities of liquid. Due to their curiosity, they could drown in them.

7. Think about your other pets.

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For pet dogs or cats that haven’t been trained yet, they might see your birds as a treat or a threat. They might also want to play with them. So just to be sure, you can secure your birds in another room. When you decide to let them free, you can put your pooches and felines friends inside. It’s as easy as that.

Although it is true that caring for pet birds is way too different than in any other pets, by educating yourself, you need not to worry about anything. Eventually, you will realize that caring for your avian friends is so fun and entertaining. After all, if they really matter to you, then you already know what to do.

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