Outdoor and Indoor Dangers for Pet Rabbits

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There’s no denying that pet rabbits make great companions. That is why every owner does everything to ensure they live delightfully together with their fluffy companions. But no matter how they take caution on things, there are times when they accidentally get them into trouble. Although it isn’t what they meant to do, this can be resolved easily.

As a rabbit parent, it is of course your duty to ensure your bunnies live their lives to the fullest. You give them shelter, feed them right, and keep them away from harm. That being said, it is best that you stay vigilant and educate yourself. Learn about the dangers surrounding your pet rabbits and do what you can to combat them.

pet rabbit pet rabbit pet rabbit

Electrical Cord and Carpets

Because the teeth of rabbits are continuously growing, the tendency is they would chew on almost anything they come across with. However, not everything is safe to eat.

For instance, if consumed while plugged in, electrical cords can cause grave problems like death. When ingested in large quantities, carpet can also result in blockages, which may lead to their untimely demise. Therefore, it is best to keep the wires out of their reach and cover the carpets with safe things to chew like hay.

Improper Diet

Are you familiar with the terms “killing with kindness”? Apparently, we all are guilty of this, especially with our pets. Sometimes, we cannot resist the cute looks on their faces, making us want to offer them more treats when they ask for it.

But did you know that feeding them wrong things successively could upset their digestive system and potentially shorten their lives? Well, now that you know, make sure to offer treats at a minimum. As they get older, feed them with hay and fresh greens.

Household Pets

Family pets like cats and dogs can cause harm to your pet rabbits. Thus, experts suggest to never leave them in one room unsupervised. Even if you believe your pooch cannot hurt a fly, take note that prevention is always better than cure.


As prey animals, rabbits are favourite meals of some carnivorous creatures in the wild, such as wolves and raccoons. So if you can’t take your rabbits with you indoors, just make sure they are secured in a reliable rabbit hutch outside.

According to research, the sight of a raccoon alone can scare a rabbit to death. If you want to see them alive in the morning, put the hutch inside a barn. That way, you can ensure that predators would never attempt to make contact.

Rising Population

Female rabbits can carry up to nine babies in 30 days. After they give birth, the babies mature in 4 months. By then, they are already capable of reproducing. If you do the math, in 12 months, there’d be countless rabbits running around your home.

For that reason, spaying and neutering is highly recommended. By doing so, you can somehow extend their lives and prevent the risks of illnesses.


Every year, many rabbits die of heat stroke. Whether they are just inside the house or outdoors, when the temperature rise to more than 85 degrees Fahrenheit, it’d be too hot for them to handle. Remember, they’re wearing thick fur coats all the time, so from time-to-time, might as well check on them.

Inappropriate Bedding

While cedar and pine litter are fine for some other pets, these could be potentially dangerous for bunnies. These woods give off chemicals called ‘phenols’, which are by-products of processing them. When ingested, they can block the digestive system.

Underlying Illnesses

Rabbits are good at hiding illnesses. Because of their secretive nature, you won’t easily notice any signs of ailments. If not detected, hair blocks and bladder stones can be extremely painful for your bunny.

To know whether there’s anything wrong, always keep your rabbit near you. Observe his eating habits and check his droppings. If there are significant changes, do not hesitate to call the vet.

The Outdoors

pet rabbit pet rabbit pet rabbit

For a domestic bunny, the outdoors is one of the most dangerous places. This is because exposure to the changing weather, predators, and illnesses, contribute to making their lives shorter.

So basically, if rabbits are on the loose in backyards, they are vulnerable to different toxic plants. Stray dogs and cats can even feast on them as a meal. Worst is that they can be taken away by strangers.

Improper Handling

These fluffy animals are known to have very delicate bone structures. One wrong move and you can cause him to suffer a fractured back. When carrying or lifting them, always support the hind legs. Also, do not let kids pick them up.

As long as you know all these hazards, your pet rabbits will be as safe as possible. And when cared for well, you may even spend more than 12 blissful years with them.

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  1. Tunde says:

    Very useful hints. I just loss a female rabbit, can’t even figure out the cause, perhaps the bedding. I put them on a cardboard sheet, the one used for ceiling

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