9 Signs That You Are Nuts About Chickens

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It’s okay to admit that you are crazy about chickens. After all, they’re cuddly, adorable, loving, and very sweet. But if you think you are the only one, who goes nuts about these chooks, don’t worry because you are not alone. There are plenty of individuals out there, who can’t help but go head over heels adoring them.

How do you know if you are a true blue chicken lover? Here are 9 signs to look out for.

1. You know what your chickens want and need.

chickens, chicken care chickens, chicken care chickens, chicken care

From the favourite treats of your birds to taking care of them in the winter season, you are confident that you can handle them well. Aside from that, you can quickly sense if there is something wrong or if they are in dire need of you.

2. You appreciate the quirkiness and uniqueness of your chooks.

If you are truly nuts about chickens, you appreciate every unique trait or characteristic they possess. You’ll thank them for being excellent gardening assistants. You’ll be grateful to them for waking you every morning.  You’ll love their unique colours and shapes, too! You know they are “eggstraordinary” creatures!

3. You are happy to see them every single day.

Chickens make great pets for kids and the young at heart. Not only are they sweet; they are also affectionate and generous. But if you are uncertain which specific chicken breed to raise at home, you might want to do your assignment and research first. By then, you’ll love them even more. In fact, you’d become more excited to see them every day.

4. You treat them as a part of the family.

As a chicken lover, you believe that your family won’t be complete if you don’t have chooks in your backyard. Regardless if you keep Orpingtons, ISA Browns, or Silkies, you know they are always an important member of the family.

5. You can easily mimic the “chicken walk”.

It may sound odd, but most chicken farmers just enjoy seeing their girls walk and move. The reason? That nobody can answer. Well, the point is that it’s relaxing to watch your chooks walk around the yard in a lazy afternoon. And since you’ve been observing them for quite some time, you can mimic their every step effortlessly!

6. You can’t help but smile for every piece of egg you eat every morning.

Whether it’s scrambled, fried, sunny side up, or poached, when breakfast comes, you’ll find yourself thanking your birds for a very tasty and organic meal. C’mon, nothing compares to these healthy products, which you can easily harvest in the chicken coop every after sunrise! Plus, if you need inspiration on how to get creative in the kitchen with such eggs, you can easily explore various recipes online.

7. You provide them with everything they need.

When you’re nuts about chickens, you’ll provide everything they need – waterers, reliable chicken coops, grains and feeds, light, and a lot more. Also, you will take the extra mile and be very responsible in caring for them. You wake up early in the morning to let them roam in the yard to allow them to stretch their wings. When the sun sets, you gather them around and secure them inside their respective shelters. And then, the routine continues every single day. You just never get tired of it!

8. You have a version of the “chicken dance” patterned after the movement of your chooks.

chickens, chicken care chickens, chicken care chickens, chicken care

Words aren’t enough to show your fascination about chickens. Sometimes, you just need to spread your arms and bend your knees to do that “chicken dance” on the dance floor. By doing that, everyone will know you are indeed a crazy chicken fanatic.

9. You love them unconditionally.

What else can you give? When you are crazy about chooks, you never run short of reasons to love every single one of them. While it is a given that they will love you in return, you can show them that they mean the whole world to you by giving them a chicken coop that matches their needs. You can do a quick search online to find legit online chicken coop sellers. Nonetheless, nobody will criticize you if you decide to build one on your own. As long as you are creative and imaginative, you can build a chicken coop that your birds will love.

How many of these signs are you guilty of so far? 5? 7? 3? 9? Whatever the answer is, take note that it’s only a number. Of course, you know for yourself if you are truly nuts about chickens. Well, it isn’t bad to go crazy about these creatures. If you only know how to look after them, nothing will come your way. And if things turn out well, you’ll eventually more happy years with them! That is a promise.

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