The Best Egg-Laying Chicken Breeds


Chicken eggs are one of the staples of human food. They could be boiled, fried, scrambled and are one of the most wanted ingredients when making breads or pastries. Almost all types of dish would taste better with eggs added in the recipe. Because of the versatility of eggs, it has an increasing demand in the consumer market. There are also a lot of people raising chickens in their own backyard. If you want to raise chickens for their eggs, then you may consider the following chicken breeds. The following are among the best chicken breeds that could satisfy your craving for eggs:

Cream Crested Legbar

The Cream Crested Legbar got its name from the crest that lies at the back of its head. Female ones have larger crests than males. They are attractive chickens with a firm and muscular body that they got from their crossbreed ancestors such as the Brown Leghorn, Bbarred Rock and Araucana. This chicken breed is pretty popular among chicken raisers because of its colourful eggs. The hen could lay up to 180 bluish and greenish eggs per year. Yes, not all eggs are white. The Cream Crested Legbar is also a well-behaved chicken. It could stay put in your chicken coop because they are not flighty.

Bovan Goldline

The Bovan Goldline is a hybrid chicken by crossing the Rhode Island Red cock with a Light Sussex hen. It is a friendly type of bird with brown feathering and creamy shades that could lay about 330 plus brown eggs per year. Since the Bovan Goldline is one of the rapid egg-layers, you have to pay close attention to their diet in order to continuously produce high quality eggs. Feed them with high quality feed, fed ad-lib and always give them freshwater. Allow them to graze in your chicken yard but keep them inside your chicken coop at night to prevent possible predators from prowling on them.


Amber White

This chicken breed is created for the purpose of egg production. It is a crossbreed between a Rhode Island White and a Rhode Island Red. It could lay up to 300 yellowish or brownish eggs in a year. Most breeders like to keep Amber Whites in their yard not only for their eggs but also for their meat. They also have attractive white fluffy feathers which could add to your colourful chicken collection. Amber Whites don’t also mind being with other chicken breeds. They are sociable creatures but they would always try to fly out of your fence. Building a chicken coop surrounded with a taller fence could help you to prevent them from running away.

White Leghorn

The White Leghorn is another white beauty that could lay up to 300 eggs per year. Though White Leghorns are generally medium in built, they actually lay one of the largest eggs in the whole chicken race, and they could lay eggs almost every day. The colours of their eggs are white, and yes, they are usually the eggs that you buy in a supermarket. These egg-machines are in fact the standard commercial hen being used in the US for egg production. White Leghorns are friendly and agile. They could be quite flighty so you should secure your chickens in a well-built coop.

Bovans Nera

Nera is the Dutch word for black. It is a black chicken with shades of brown coming from the hybrid of a Rhode Island Red Cockerel cock and a Barred Plymouth Rock hen. Nera hens are developed first in the Netherlands and they could lay 270 to 340 large brown eggs per year. They are a friendly and tamable bird which is suited for any chicken raiser even a first-timer. They love grazing outdoors even in the most extreme weather condition. They are hardy birds that are very disease resistant.



Araucana first came from the land of South America, specifically in Chile, and they are an exceptionally rare breed of chicken. We have mentioned before that the Cream Crested Legbar has Araucana as one of its roots. Naturally, Araucana also produces bluish-green eggs. It could lay about 200 medium-sized eggs per year. You could easily recognize an Araucana with its rumpless and tufted appearance but it is often mistaken with an Easter Egger. The Araucana also doesn’t mind you to keep her confined in a chicken shelter.

Black Copper Maran

Another great egg-laying breed is the Black Copper Maran. The hen could lay up to 200 eggs or more per year. This breed of chicken also lays the darkest brown eggs you could ever see, so if you like your egg tray to be colourful, add the deep rich brown-coloured eggs of the Black Copper Maran. The Marans are also hardy birds and they could lay eggs even during the winter season. They are also alright with being confined in a chicken coop.


There are other chicken breeds that are used for egg production. But you won’t go wrong if you also raise the abovementioned chickens. Have a yard plentiful of chicken eggs! Good luck to your chicken raising.

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