Cat Enclosure Accessories that Every Cat Needs

Cat Enclosure Accessories that Every Cat Needs

Are you looking for the perfect way to make sure your cat enjoys their time outdoors while still safely secured in an enclosure? You’re in luck- there are tons of options out there when it comes to cat enclosure accessories!

We’ve gathered some tips on selecting just the right accessories for your cat’s needs, so that they can live life to the fullest.

What Should I Put in a Cat Enclosure?

When it comes to deciding what to put in a cat enclosure, there are a few key elements that should be considered to create a comfortable, safe, and entertaining environment for your pets.

From tunnels and bridges to scratching posts and shelves – with these additions, your feline friend can cruise around their outdoor domain as if they were stalking prey in the wild!

What Should I Put in a Cat Enclosure


A tunnel provides an opportunity for exercise and play. Cats are known for their love of exploring tight spaces and crawling through confined areas.

Access tunnels are enclosed pathways that connect your home to an outdoor enclosure. This serves as a safe way for your cat to come and go from your house into their outdoor cat run without the need for you to do a thing!

Access tunnels are enclosed pathways


Bridges are a popular, fun and beneficial addition to cat enclosures. Not only do they provide entertainment for cats, but they also promote their natural instincts such as climbing and exploring.

You can attach a bridge between two platforms or shelves, this will also serve as a means for your cat to move from one object to another.

Bridges are a popular, fun and beneficial addition to cat enclosures


Outdoor cat shelves are elevated platforms that your cat can climb on, play on, or use to relax in the sun.

Cats have a natural instinct to climb and perch themselves on high vantage points to observe their surroundings. Cat shelves offer the perfect opportunity for them to do so in a controlled outdoor environment.

Outdoor cat shelves are elevated platforms

Scratching Post

Cats need to scratch to maintain healthy claws, it also helps them to stretch and move their muscles. Scratching also helps to relieve stress and anxiety, providing a calming effect.

Providing a scratching post in their enclosure will prevent the desire to scratch their enclosure or other items you do not want damaged.

Make sure you include a scratching post in their enclosure

Outdoor Cat Beds

A cat bed will provide a warm and comfortable spot for your cat to rest, ensuring they have a safe haven to retreat to when the weather is chilly or wet.

Cats naturally crave warmth and coziness, a soft and comfortable outdoor bed helps meet that need. It also gives them a space to feel safe and relaxed, away from any potential danger, increasing their overall well-being.

Cat beds are a warm and comfortable spot for your cat to rest

Litter Tray

A cat litter tray is a practical and important addition to your cat’s outdoor enclosure as it provides a designated spot for your cat to use the toilet, keeping the rest of the enclosure clean and fresh.

It is a good idea to place the tray on the ground in one of the corners of the enclosure so that it is out of the way.


As natural climbers, cats thrive on having vertical space. Ramps create a way for them to explore their environment and gain access to various areas of their enclosure.

In addition, ramps can also benefit cats with mobility issues or disabilities, providing them with easier access to areas of their enclosure rather than having to use steps.

Ramps create a way for cats to explore their environment

Do Outdoor Cats Need Toys?

Toys can help outdoor cats satisfy their natural instincts, such as hunting and stalking. For example, toys that mimic prey, such as toy mice or feather wands, can encourage them to pounce, chase, and bat whilst in their enclosure.

Properly selected toys can provide hours of entertainment, mental stimulation, improve overall health and happiness, and create an engaged and contented outdoor cat.

What Toys Should You Have in Outdoor Cat Enclosures?

The toys you provide in your cat enclosure will play a vital role in keeping your cat happy and engaged.

It’s important to note that cats are natural hunters that thrive on catching prey. Purchase toys that mimic prey animals, such as mice or birds, which can be particularly fun.

Look for toys that encourage your cat to stalk, pounce, and chase, as these behaviors are a natural part of a cat’s hunting instincts.

In addition to hunting toys, your cat also needs toys that provide mental and physical stimulation. This can be achieved through puzzle toys, such as treat dispensers or maze games, which will keep your cat’s mind sharp and engaged.

Add a couple of hunting toys for mental and physical stimulation

How Do You Entertain an Outdoor Cat?

To keep your cat entertained whilst outside, you need to create a stimulating environment.
You can install outdoor cat accessories such as shelves and tunnels to fulfil their natural desire to climb and hide.

Keeping your cat entertained

How to Decorate an Outdoor Cat Enclosure?

One of the best ways to decorate an outdoor cat enclosure is to add plenty of natural elements. This can include plants, trees, rocks, and other materials that create a natural environment for your pets to enjoy.

You can also add some toys and accessories for your cats to play with, such as scratching posts, climbing walls, hanging toys and catnip plants.

Decorate your outdoor cat enclosure with plenty of natural elements

You may want to add some shade cloth material to the walls and any exposed roof areas to protect your cats from the sun and heat, as well as ensuring there are adequate sheltered areas to protect your pets from wind and rain.

Finally, don’t forget to make sure the enclosure is designed with easy access for both you and your cat. Adding a secure door or gate can help protect your cats from predators, while also allowing you easy access to clean and maintain the enclosure as needed.

With a little bit of creativity and some simple accessories, you can turn any outdoor space into a paradise for your cats!