How to Keep Your Dog from Begging Food at the Table

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Okay. So you are sitting at the dining table and enjoying a scrumptious meal. However, when you look down, you see your dog with those begging eyes. You can’t stop yourself and feel pity. You eventually find yourself feeding him with table scraps.  

Well, you can do something about it. You can actually keep your dog from begging food at the table with some handy tips. Although dogs cannot resist food, sometimes, too much is not enough. Even if they have already had their own dinner, you may still find them waiting at the dinner table waiting for any family member to give them a piece of goodie or drop them food. While some dogs wait patiently for any table scraps to be offered, others will do everything to get your attention and beg food. 

Unfortunately, begging food is often a reinforced behaviour among dogs. When not corrected, it can get very annoying. As a responsible pet owner, you have to do something to keep your dog from begging food scrap at your dinner table. 

Continue reading to know our tips and secrets. 

Why Our Canine Buddies Beg Food at the Table 

Sure, this question seems to have an obvious answer, but you might still be surprised with the real reason. Most of us would think our dogs are hungry and they simply want to get their food. And because their sense of smell is stronger than ours, they can immediately sense the delicious aroma of food. 

Just think of the situation this way – you walked into a bakery and smelled a freshly baked pie. You’d probably enter the bakery right away to check it out. Thus, do not blame your canine pal if it’s doing the same. 

Although it’s pretty obvious why your pooch is drawn to your dinner table, the truth is that begging for food is a learned behaviour. If you see your canine buddy staring up at you with those begging puppy eyes, as if he’s trying to convince you that he hasn’t had a good meal in days, you’re often tempted to offer him a food from your plate. What you are not realizing is that by doing such, you are already teaching him how to ask and beg for food. He will then understand and learn that by begging and waiting at the dinner table, you will give in to his wants. Of course, that is not what you want to teach him, right? 

As his owner, you have to do something to stop the annoying behaviour and discipline him.  

How to Stop Your Dog from Begging 

Dogs are intelligent creatures, so it would not take them long to learn how to beg. However, you can do something to stop the behaviour once they’ve already learned it. 

When it comes to handling dog behaviour issues, there are basically two ways to go. First, you will have to redirect the behaviour. For instance, you can offer him a chew toy to distract him, unless you want him to end up chewing on your socks. 

The other method simply involves ignoring him completely. You just refuse to offer him what he wants so he will not show the behaviour anymore. 

If none of the two methods worked, you can try any of these methods instead. Perhaps you can find a better alternative that works best. 

  1. Whenever you will eat dinner, confine your dogs in another room. That way, they cannot get near you at the table. 
  2. Offer your dog a chew toy, a dog bone, or another treat that will last throughout the duration of your meal. 
  3. Use a leash to keep your canine buddy away from the table. 
  4. Invest in a quality dog cage to temporarily secure your pet while you’re having dinner. After eating, you can set them free again. 
  5. Feed your dog first before you sit down at the table and eat your dinner. 
  6. Just do not give in to your pooch when he begs for food. Ignore him completely and watch him go away when he gets tired. 


Although it does not take long for a dog to learn how to beg at the table, with patience and discipline, it would be easy for you to correct his behaviour. It’s like you are teaching your dog a new trick. Just be firm and consistent and soon thereafter, he’ll learn. Once you’ve successfully stopped your dog from his begging habits, do not feed him from the table again, else, he will do everything again. 

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