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10 Good Reasons to Raise Rats as Pets

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Rats have been a part of the lives of humans for a very long time already. Most people treat them as pests, but some treat them pets. There are those breeds of rats that are really a problem because they are destructive. Then again, there are also those types that have been domesticated and been […]

Ways to Properly Bathe Your Pet Rats

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A clean and well-groomed rat is a contented and healthy rat. Most of the time, rats tend and clean themselves, but there are these instances when their cage pals assist them in cleaning. That is because a few rats are not really into grooming, which means they will require regular maintenance to keep themselves tidy […]

Easy Ways to Keep Your Pet Rats Happy


If you wish to care for sweet, smart, and adorable pets, we got a recommendation for you: rats. Yes, you read that right. The reason we’re suggesting these creatures is that they are not just easy to maintain, they are also very cuddly and soft. Aside from that, they do know how to perform tricks […]