The Best Beginner Bird Breed to Raise as Pets

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A lot of newbie bird enthusiasts mistakenly choose birds that do not fit to their lifestyle. Many bird enthusiasts choose a specific bird species because of its attractiveness shape, colour, or personality. You need to choose the right bird for your lifestyle and personality because every species has their own need amount of care, affection, and work to do.

Various things make good for first time owners, but you need also to be informed about your chosen species. This is because some don’t need to be managed closely while some are the opposite.

Please take note to only make deals with reputable breeders or pet stores when deciding to have one. The following are bird species that highly recommended for first time bird owners like you to help you brighten your everyday life.

The Best Beginner Bird Breed to Raise as Pets

Peach-Faced Lovebirds

These kind of lovebirds will surely be your best confidant that will last for years. They are sociable because they love to be played and they are active, which makes them beautiful. When brought up and cared for by humans, they become well-socialized and will definitely grow to love being with you most of the time.

They are handy and can be carried around without much loud noise and can easily pick-up phrases if taught diligently. All in all, this bird is is really lovable.

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Amazon Parrots

This species is among those on the list of expensive ones. They are bigger in size and are certainly appealing to be disregarded. You will fall in love with its brilliance and beauty.

They are considered the best talkers among the parrot species. Amazon Parrots want to be the focus of public attention, and they seemed to be gaining energies if they are in the limelight. That’s why they love to be the clown when in public.

The Best Beginner Bird Breed to Raise as Pets 2

The best Amazon Parrots for the beginners are the lilac-crowns, blue-fronted, red-lored, and white-fronted because these are less demanding, more hushed, and overall easy to handle. But the con for newbies is that Amazon Parrots can be too smart that you need to pour an extra amount of socialization, good deal of toys, and sufficient exercise.


Doves are hardy, medium-sized birds that enjoy interacting with their owners and on the other hand, they also love to spend a part of their day having alone time. This is the reason why dove is good for a working-person that doesn’t have much time for their pet bird because doves do not need much attention.

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Unlike other well-known pet birds such as parrots or cockatoos, doves are smaller in size which makes cleaning up easier for owners. Since they do not need much of your time to be contented, you will only need to keep their cages clean to be able to earn their loyalty.

Pionus Parrots

Pionus Parrots differ in other parrot species because they lack in colors which makes some bird enthusiasts disregard them as their first choice in choosing a pet bird. In spite of their less attractive physique , you will be amazed by their personalities.

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This species is more calm and quieter than other parrots. They may not be as amazing talker as the other parrot species but they are able to talk some phrases. From the word ‘pionus’ which mean sweet; it actually describes their sweet personality and will surely make you love them.


Canaries are one of the most sought-after species because of its vocal talent and vibrant colors. They are actually seed-eating birds that can be either be green or yellow, bright orange, or even brown. These birds are commonly known as yellow birds and are associated with Tweety Bird.

The Best Beginner Bird Breed to Raise as Pets 5

Take note, if you want a singer pet bird do not choose a female canary because they do not sing. Rather, choose a male canary instead.

What would surely make you happy about the canaries is their interaction with you even when they are in cages. Their beauty and their amazing voice will leave you astonished.

This species is good for newbies and children since they do not have to be handled, which allows children to watch their amazing stunts up close.


This parrot species is small in size but can be loved without reservations as they live to snuggle and be petted. They are among the most popular pet birds.

Most of the cockatiels are better in whistling and can also learn to talk small phrases. They can also be advisable as a pet for your child given that he/she is responsible enough to take care of it.

Quaker Parakeets

Quakers are cheerful and love to vocalize. Some Quakers love to talk while others are better in whistling.

But note that in some States, Quaker Parakeet handling is illegal due to its threat to native agriculture. However, if you are living in a State where Quaker Parakeets are legal, then you can consider this species as your pet bird.

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