The Best Vines & Plants to Grow Alongside a Chicken Coop

chicken coop, plants, vines, ideas for chicken coop

If you have a chicken coop at your barn or your backyard and you like to do gardening too, then this article is a must for you to read.

Having the right plants to grow around your chicken coop can be beneficial to your chicken and to yourself as well. Your chickens can have some shade from the sunlight while outside their coop if you have any of these plants growing around them. You can also yield some crops as your plants grow. As long as these vines are properly trained then you don’t have anything to worry about.

Some vines may be invasive but with this article, you can have some information regarding them and how to properly train and improve them. Just be sure you have a lot of zip ties, unused wires or anything you can use to train these vines as they grow into your chicken coop.


chicken coop, plants, vines, ideas for chicken coop

Growing some cucumbers is a must for both experienced or beginner gardener. This vine is very simple to grow. The vine have some leaves that are prickly to touch but it helps prevent the chickens from nibbling it. Cucumbers will look amazing in your chicken coop because they will have flowers growing in them. Not only that it will look great but also you can harvest the cucumber when the time is right. Now you don’t have to worry about buying cucumbers from the grocery since you have them right at your very own chicken coop. Fresh and free cucumbers right beside you. You can grow cucumbers annually under the heat of the sun without any problems. Cucumbers also grow rapidly which will result to many harvest per season.


chicken coop, plants, vines, ideas for chicken coop

Growing gourds around your chicken coop is also a great idea. They can either be ornamental or can be eaten as well, just like the cucumbers. There are many different types of gourds which can be planted and grown in your chicken coop. Some people may even grow gourds for ornamental purposes and wait for it to grow until it can be used as bird houses or even a beautiful sight to see during fall. Though growing gourds may take some time to germinate, we know it will be worth the wait. You can grow gourds annually just like the cucumber and can grow under the sun without the need for a shade.


chicken coop, plants, vines, ideas for chicken coop

Roses are red, violets are blue. Growing some roses in your chicken coop, is a really good idea too. I mean roses are very popular and is really nice to look at and admire. Growing roses in your chicken coop might be a challenging thing to do especially for beginners. Roses needs a lot of care and attention for it to grow beautifully. It will need some fertilizers and also a lot of pruning to do. But having roses growing around your chicken coop is a very rewarding task after seeing grow with all its beauty. You just need to select the right variety of rose to grow. Roses may grow slower than your other plants but it will be worth it.


chicken coop, plants, vines, ideas for chicken coop

Hops is an invasive type of vine but with the right environment and proper control it can be prevented. If you left hops growing without caring for it, hops will invade your entire chicken coop completely. Growing hops is a good idea mainly because its stems and vines are being avoided by chickens because it is slightly prickly. Another advantage of growing hops is that you can try some home brewing with hops if you are interested in those kind of things. Though hops are toxic to dogs, they are not toxic to chickens. They grow very fast and can grow even under the heat of the sun.


chicken coop, plants, vines, ideas for chicken coop

Growing some honeysuckles around your chicken coop is also a great idea. Aside from its beauty, it also attracts other birds that help it pollinate and grow more. One thing that is great about honeysuckles is that they have a very high heat tolerance. So you can grow them even under the summer sun. honeysuckles have different varieties so you can decide for yourself whatever variety you want to plant. They are easy to grow too if you have existing honeysuckles in your garden. You can have new plants growing by just rooting their cuttings. Most importantly, honeysuckles grow very fast.


chicken coop, plants, vines, ideas for chicken coop

Last but not the least are grapes. They are a great addition to your chicken coop or to your garden. It is very easy to grow and requires less attention than growing roses. The fruits they grow can be consumed by you or even your chickens. You can also sell it if you want. One disadvantage of growing grapes though is that they grow in a slow pace. But still growing free grapes at your backyard is a great thing to have.

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One thought on “The Best Vines & Plants to Grow Alongside a Chicken Coop

  1. Lael White says:

    I also read that honeysuckle, especially the berries, is toxic to chickens.
    One person said yes to clematis, others said no. So confusing. Thank you for your info though, maybe we’ll try grapes. I don’t want something with roots so vigorous that they’ll dislodge the ground mesh, or vines so vigorous they will overload the mesh around the walls.
    Newbe chicken keeper.

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