Exploring the Benefits of Window Mounted Cat Enclosures

Window Mounted Cat Enclosures

Window mounted cat enclosures are a secure way to give your indoor kitty a taste of the outdoors. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of these unique feline havens. From key features to the joys of DIY projects, we’ve got you covered. 

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What is a Window Mounted Cat Enclosure?

A window mounted cat enclosure is designed to attach securely to the outside of a window on your house. It allows your indoor cat to enter the enclosure by itself via the open window and sit outdoors. 

Also known as a window box catio, some are quite small and only allow enough room for your cat to stretch out and rest in the sun. Others are a full cat enclosure with plenty of space to play.

These enclosures prevent your cat from being able to roam away from your property, protecting them from traffic, wild animals and getting lost. This will result in reduced vet bills and your cat living a long, happy life.

Most cats have a natural instinct to spend time outdoors. They will see the window cat enclosure as a fun outdoor space where they can enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

Key Features

When investing in a window enclosure, it is highly recommended you consider the following features to keep your cat comfortable and safe:


Your cat needs enough room to move around comfortably. If your cat will be spending a lot of time in the enclosure, choose one that is bigger with room to play. Consider if you will need room for a litter box, food and water bowls, or toys.

Durability & Comfort

Your chosen window-mounted cat enclosure must stand up well against wear and tear while being cosy enough for feline friends who enjoy sunbathing by windowsills. Opting for one made from rust-resistant materials guarantees longevity whilst padded floors add extra comfort.

Safety Considerations

The last thing we need is our curious kitties falling out windows, so safety is a must. An enclosure with secure fastenings ensures that your cat can’t accidentally escape and find themselves in dangerous situations.

Easy Maintenance

An easy-to-clean outdoor cat enclosure makes life simpler for you. Look out for those with removable trays or panels which make maintenance tasks like cleaning up after accidents or shedding fur a breeze.

Window-connected cat tunnel

Building a Window Mounted Cat Enclosures

Building your own window mounted cat enclosure can be a fun and rewarding project. Not only does it let you create a space that fits perfectly with your home, but also gives the satisfaction of providing your feline friend with their very own spot to enjoy the view outside.

DIY Window Catios

One option is to build a custom catio from scratch. This allows you to design something to suit your unique yard space with any features you desire (such as multiple levels, a cat door, or a tunnel leading to a larger walk-in enclosure).

If you are not feeling confident in your skills, you could hire a handy person to assist. Custom window patios can be quite expensive.

Window Catio Kit

A cheaper option is to buy a flatpack cat window box kit. Catio kits are less stressful as they come with everything you need with minimal skill to assemble.

A great option is to buy an outdoor cat enclosure from Coops and Cages and then attach it to your window using a cat tunnel.

Jordan’s Tip: 

To keep your window-mounted cat enclosure safe and hygienic, perform daily checks for wear, use pet-safe disinfectants for odour control and schedule periodic deep cleans with mild detergent.

Jordan’s Wrap

A window mounted cat enclosure is the perfect solution for cat owners looking to provide their feline companions with a safe, outdoor experience while keeping them close to home. 

These enclosures offer a range of benefits, from protecting your cat to satisfying their natural instincts. When choosing one, consider size, durability, safety features, and ease of maintenance. 

Here at Coops and Cages, our focus is on the safety and happiness of your pets. Visit our website to view our range of high quality cat enclosures.