9 Ways to Help Your Feline Friend Shed Excess Pounds

cat obesity, feline friend, cat scratching post

Hearing the news that your feline friend is obese can be very heart breaking. However, there are things you can do to help. So, breathe in and breathe out. Everything will turn out fine.

When it comes to eating, cats are usually categorized into two groups. There are those that simply consume what’s on their plate and there are those that seem to be hungry. Well, if your cat falls under the second category, it’s high time that you take action. Even half a kilogram of added weight may cause serious complications to the health of your feline friend.

Okay, you know it’s serious. What should you do?

1. Limit your cat’s calorie intake.

cat obesity, feline friend, cat scratching post cat obesity, feline friend, cat scratching post cat obesity, feline friend, cat scratching post

How do you calculate your cat’s calorie needs? Simple. Multiply his weight in kilograms by 30. And then, add 70.  Multiply the answer by 0.8. You should be able to come up with the recommended calories needed per day.

Now, if your feline friend eats less than what is recommended, chances are, he will lose weight. If he does otherwise, he might end up obese. It’s what you fear about, right? Thus, do the right thing.

2. Reduce eating and increase exercise.

It is a great idea to hide some of your feline friend’s treats in a ball. After which, let him explore ways to get them. By doing so, you are slowing down his eating while helping him exercise.

Do not worry if you don’t have a ball that can be used for hiding treats. You can always improvise. Use some old tissue holders and seal both ends with a tape.

3. Add more water to his cat food.

Here’s an easy trick. Regardless if it’s wet or dry, simply add more water to your pal’s cat food. That way, he will stay hydrated and filled for hours. He might not end up bothering you for some snacks.

4. Reduce the intake of dry food.

Dry food is where most calories come from, which is completely opposite to canned cat food that often has about 80% water content. Since you want your fur buddy to feel full and hydrated for hours, you will need that much of water in their food.

Take note that even a couple of extra treats contribute to their calories. Hence, it is worth noting to avoid feeding such.

5. Encourage exercise.

cat obesity, feline friend, cat scratching post cat obesity, feline friend, cat scratching post cat obesity, feline friend, cat scratching post

Yes, we know it can be tiring, but your cats need to exercise. Do not just let them sleep the whole day in their respective cat scratching posts.

The general rule of thumb is to let them play at least 10 minutes per day. The use of laser pointer toys would suffice as it lets them jump and pounce. You can also teach them other games that encourage them to practice their predator instinct.

6. Invest in automatic feeders.

If your feline friend keeps on begging for treats, consider investing in an automatic feeder. Not only will it allow you to pet him when he asks for it. It also lets you measure and provide his meals accordingly throughout the day, without being woken up by scratches at odd times of the day. Yes, it may be costly, but it’s definitely a great investment that will last for your cat’s long-term fitness goals.

7. Feed high protein foods.

Always aim to feed your cats with protein-rich foods like lean meats. Although pure meat diet does not provide the right amount of nutrients, it still makes a vital addition to your fur baby’s diet. Also, it helps improve his teeth.

If you are not sure about it, you can consult his vet. He can recommend cat treats or food, which are suited for his dietary requirements.

8. Try feeding diet pet foods.

If your cat depends so much on dry food, might as well consider offering him diet pet foods. More often than not, these sorts of foods contain more protein and fiber that are essential for losing excess pounds. Just make sure you purchase from legit sellers like a pet shop. You don’t want to compromise the safety and health of your feline friend.

9. Do your homework and research in advance.

Before you get your cat to start dieting, make sure you research ahead. The internet is your friend. You can find a plethora of resources out there, which you can use to improve your cat’s diet. Better yet, take him to the vet. We want to avoid complications here. Taking wrong moves might put your cat’s health at risk.

Yes, it is difficult to resist those adorable eyes. But with the tips we listed above, hopefully, you can get rid of those excess kilos with minimal stress on you and your pet. And if you have other tips that we failed to mention, let us know by leaving comments below.

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