How to Help Your Scaredy Kitty Cats Overcome Fear

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Halloween is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean that it’s okay for your kittens to be scared all the time. Kittens come in all sorts of personalities, sizes and color.

Even though some kittens are brave enough to explore their surroundings, some might be a bit more shy. But there are others that have not been properly socialised and introduced to the outside world that they become fearful of what they encounter.

Regardless of what caused your cat to be scared, there are ways how you can help them overcome fear. Here’s how:

Socialising Your Pet Cats

cat care, cats overcome fear, cats halloween, cat love cat care, cats overcome fear, cats halloween, cat love cat care, cats overcome fear, cats halloween, cat love

So what scares your tiny little kittens?

Bad experiences or traumatic experiences can lead to your kittens shy and fearful behavior. So the key to help your kitten from developing a shy and fearful behavior is to properly socialise them.

The time to properly socialise your kitten happens during their 2nd and 7th weeks of age. It is the perfect time to observe your kitten and know what are the positive and negative experiences she encounters and it will give you a clue on how you can help him overcome his fear.

Know Where They Came From

Another situation that can affect your kitten’s social development is where did you get your kitten from. If your kittens were born from your house cats, then it should be fine and you should be able to help develop their confidence.

If you adopted them from a friend or from a shelter or adoption home or bought them from a pet store, then their confidence might still be good. But if you got them rescued or off the streets, alone with or without their mother or siblings, then it might be a different story especially if they are alone without their mother.

Kittens that have been separated very early from their mother have a high chance of becoming very fearful and aggressive to other cats or animals and even us humans. And sometimes those kittens that have been taken away from their fellow kittens or littermates tend to have a hard time bonding with other cats around the house.

Create a Safe Environment to Live in

Create a safe and stable environment for your kitten to live in. You can buy a cat enclosure or maybe let him live with you. As long as you have a safe environment, it will help your kittens overcome their fears.

As they feel safe within the environment or home you have given them, you can now slowly introduce the things they fear the most and show them that there is nothing to be scared of and everything is fine.

Schedule Grooming and Playtime Sessions

Have a schedule for your kitten for their grooming, feeding and playtime. This will help them feel secure with you around knowing all is safe and nothing is going to happen. And then slowly but carefully introduce the things they fear and try not to overwhelm them.

And as you introduce them, give them treats to let them know it’s okay. By slowly introducing them the scary things and giving them treats at the same time, they will learn that it is all good and everything is okay and fine and not scary at all.

Remove Stressors and Take Him Out of Scary Situations

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This is the easiest things you can do for your kitten and that is to remove him from any scary situation. This is the best thing you can do for him especially if your kitten has not yet coped up with his environment. And as you remove him from the scary thing, you can help him by comforting him.

Just like human parents to do their children when they are scared of something, they comfort them. And just like humans too, kittens need reassurance and affection for them to develop a sense of security. With security, it helps the kitten reduce what they fear and also prevents anxiety. So if you see your kitten getting suddenly afraid of something, be there to comfort him.

Redirect His Focus

Another great way to help your kitten from their fear is to redirect his focus on to something else that is positive and will help him feel positive and good. Some cat toys can help or even treats, who doesn’t love treats? You can also go and play with your kittens to help them not think about what scares them.

Love and Care for Your Pet Cat

If you have adopted or rescued kittens that are already passed their best socialisation age which is seven weeks, it is not too late. You as the caretaker, pet owner or even family of the kitten can still build trust towards each other if you keep  a routine of taking care of him, feeding him properly, talking to him together with some petting and also don’t forget the treats.

With that socialisation, it will develop a bond that will be cherished by the kitten in all his life. Love your kitten and raise him properly and it will help reduce their fears in life. With all those things, everything will be fine for you and especially for the once called scaredy cat. Always remember to have fun and have time to spend with them.

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