Keep Your Pets Happy and Safe This Christmas


Christmas is the time to party and get together with loved ones, family members, and friends. Although that fact is quite obvious, nothing else can ruin good cheers than emergencies like unexpected trips to the vet.

Of course, keeping your pets safe all the time is your responsibility as a pet owner. But we do understand that you get busy at times, especially during Christmas as you need to wrap all the presents, prepare sumptuous dishes, and entertain your guests. At first, you see your pet playing around, completely fine. And all of a sudden, a mishap occurs.

Who would ever wish for these unfortunate things to happen? We are thinking there’s none. So to reduce the chances of having unexpected visits to the animal hospital, we suggest you follow these tips:

Foods That Are Considered Toxic Should Be Out of Their Reach

Certain foods that you prepare for Christmas can be toxic for your pets, especially those that are fatty and greasy. Whenever your cat or dog accidentally eats those sorts of foods, they might feel pain in their stomach or vomit.

Alcohol is also considered poison to them, particularly for dogs. Though canines are naturally attracted to it, statistics reveal that hundreds of dogs die each year because of alcohol consumption. Therefore, it is your task to properly wash the glasses you use in drinking wine or other liquor to help reduce the numbers.

Keep Away Poisonous Plants

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People like to decorate their homes for the holidays to feel the true essence of Christmas. While some get those colorful poinsettias and green flora to have that festive ambiance, others simply put up tall Christmas trees and wrap it with bright and vivid lights. But no matter what decorations they put, it is always important to consider the safety of everybody.

When you say everybody, it also includes your furry pals. Mistletoes and holly leaves, when ingested, may poison the pet, causing heart collapse and diarrhea.

Glitters, yarns, strings, and ribbons are dangerous for pets, too. If accidentally consumed, it may cause intestinal issues, which require surgeries and other risky procedures. So as much as possible, do not tie ribbons around your pet’s neck. Yes, they may look cool. But keep in mind that you do not want to cause harm to them.

Some Christmas Presents Can Harm Them

Items that are wrapped in ribbons are very tempting for your pets. But then again, these can be dangerous for them. However, if you insist to give your beloved companions some presents, it is best that you remove the ribbons and ties.

If you are looking for the perfect gifts that are safe for them, here are some items we suggest:

Cat Scratching Post

For your adorable feline, a cat scratching post makes an ideal gift. This will definitely satisfy its need to scratch.

Food and Water Bowls

To make sure your pets eat and drink well, give them a food and water bowl.


If you are fond of dressing up your pooches and felines, wrap some clothes for them. This will make them look fashionable, even if it’s just for Christmas.


Birds that are kept as pets spend time indoors. Hence, it would probably be great if you offer them something where they can relax, such as a bird perch.


Every pet must have a cozy place to stay when at home. Perhaps a kennel will suffice that need.

Inform the Guests about Your Pets

While some pets become fearful when there are guests, others tend to be very aggressive. So before inviting your friends to come over, carefully plan how your dog will interact with them.

On Christmas day, inform your visitors about the behavior problems of your pets, such as jumping on the couch, snatching food scraps under the table, or sneaking out of the door. Also, consider the condition of those individuals with allergies.

Plan Everything Ahead

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Emergencies can never be avoided. So make sure you know how to get to the nearest vet clinic. If you have time, consult the veterinarian and get some holiday tips from them. Get their phone number and keep it posted.

Always remember that prevention is better than cure. If you think your pet has eaten something not safe for him, contact the veterinarian immediately.

In the event that you want to travel during the holidays and you feel there is a need to leave your pet at home, it would be great if you start thinking where you are going to put them. If you are taking him to boarding facilities, take note that they become fully-booked very fast, so be sure you make early reservations.

But if you are planning to hire a pet sitter, it is better to have them come over to your house before your scheduled vacation. By doing this, they’ll be more familiar with the ins and outs of your humble abode and be acquainted with your pets.

Nobody wants to ruin their holiday because of emergencies. Hopefully, with these tips, you can make your Christmas celebration more fun and enjoyable, for you and your adorable pets.

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