Make Christmas More Fun for You and Your Pet


For many, Christmas is the time to indulge in sumptuous treats, go on long vacations, and attend parties here and there. However, it is also the season to be with family. And when you say family, this includes distant relatives, friends, and special individuals. But it doesn’t end there. Of course, our pets are also part of the circle.

So how do you make Christmas fun and memorable for you and your furry friends? Well, there are plenty of ways. And since you’ve got lots of time, we suggest you do the following activities:

Go on Nighttime Walks

Just like humans, animals also enjoy the sight of bright and colorful decorations. Therefore, if you take them outside in the evening, they too can marvel at the glowing Christmas lights. But be careful, especially during winter as it might be too cold for long walks. If you are taking a small pooch with you, make sure he is wearing a dog coat or sweater to keep them warm.

Prepare Some Fun Treat Toys

Christmas-pet-2 Christmas-pet-3 Christmas-pet-4

As you plan for the holidays, you want to keep your pets busy. To be able to accomplish this, you need to prepare some cool toys for them. If you have a dog, you can take several smaller treats and mix a pinch of fresh cinnamon. And then, place it inside a clean cardboard container like a toilet paper roll, and secure its end with some hard fruit wedges, such as apples. When your loyal buddy plays with it, he can smell the cinnamon and be fascinated with the sound of the dry food rattling inside.

If you have a cat, it might be difficult to keep them playing with a toy for a long time because of the fact that it is an independent animal. But this doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. Still, you can offer her a simple DIY holiday cat scratcher. Simply get an old Christmas stocking that is made of durable scratchable materials. Next, cut it open and use it to wrap a piece of wood. Finally, secure it tightly with a staple gun or with twine.

Have a Christmas Pet Party

It is probably a great idea to organize a Christmas pet party with your friends and relatives. Have them bring along their pets and make sure they dress up in a holiday-themed attire. Be sure you prepare a set of games and activities that is fun for all pets, such as laser point chasing.

Also, prepare some prizes for them. It doesn’t have to be very costly. As a matter of fact, simple pet treats will suffice.

Do Not Forget about Gift Giving

Your pets can also appreciate presents the way humans do. So it would be great if you can provide them with a new toy, a new leash, a new dog or cat kennel, or even anything as simple as a flavored bone. But still, you have to consider their safety before giving them the presents.

When you show your pet that he has a present, make sure you give it right away. Do not tease him. This will only make him confused or excited.

Customize Christmas Cards

You can always make Christmas cards different from the rest. How? Simply take photos of you and your pets and put them in your cards. But then again, you can further highlight the season of loving and giving if you both dress up in holiday attire. It won’t matter if you are just wearing a Santa Hat. As long as it has a touch of Christmas, then it would really be fine.

Make Safety a Priority

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Regardless of what season it is, pet safety has to be the number priority of pet owners. And during Christmas, there are things that can be risky to animals. For instance, poinsettia is toxic for them so make sure you keep these plants out of reach.

In addition, hide those smaller Christmas tree decorations that can be ingested by your dogs and cats. If eaten, these may result in choking.

Prepare Some Sumptuous Treats for Them

Every Christmas, you cook for your families. But you should never forget about your pets. And nowadays, there are a variety of homemade treats you can prepare for them.

While you are cooking food for your dinner table, you can allocate a few minutes to bake some delicious desserts for your canines and felines. As long as you have some pre-mixed ingredients, then things will definitely work out fine. There’s just one thing you need to keep in mind. Stay away from chocolates. This can only upset their stomach and destroy their teeth.


Christmas is just one special occasion that will allow you to solidify and strengthen your bond with your beloved pets. Hence, take this opportunity to be with them. With all these exciting and fun activities, you and your pets will surely have the best time of the year.

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