Ways to Keep Your Dogs Cool This Summer

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When the summer season comes, the temperatures begin to rise, affecting not only humans, but animals as well.

However, for some animals like dogs, keeping a cool temperature is extremely vital and excessive heat may result in life-threatening conditions. Thus, to avoid this from happening, it is important that you take note of heat stroke signs, such as panting, losing consciousness, and acting weird. In case any of these are noticed, it is best that you call your vet immediately.

But according to the adage,  “Prevention is better than cure,” which means, you can always avoid the worst that may happen. How? Here are some useful tips:

1. Give them access to fresh water.

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Although this sounds a pretty obvious task, many dog owners take this tip for granted. Whenever you notice that your pet is finishing his bowl quickly, might as well get him a bigger one. But you don’t just stop there. You still need to ensure that their bowl of water is refilled every now and then.

2. Provide them a place to cool down their bodies.

It is best that you set up a small pool for your dogs to get themselves wet. If you don’t have such amenity at home, you can provide a huge container instead. But still, make sure it is enough for your dog to jump into.

Here’s something you need to consider when setting up a pool. Make sure it is not so deep to prevent drowning incidents. If possible, its depth should be somewhat similar to their height when standing.

3. Do not forget to bring water when doing your daily dog walk routine.

Whenever you bring along your dog outside on a hot summer day, always carry with you a bottle of water so that in case you and your dog get thirsty, you’ll have something to drink on. Once you notice your dog starting to pant, you need to stop in a shady location and offer him water. In case he doesn’t drink, simply pour the water all over his body.

4. Keep them indoors.

During the hottest part of the day, allow your dogs to cool down inside the house. If you have an air conditioning unit, turn it on to keep everybody at home fresh and cool.

There is actually no ideal temperature that is advisable for dogs. However, once signs of overheating show up, you might need to keep the AC on.

In addition, if the weather is humid, the moisture in the air might give your dogs difficulties in breathing. So in order to cool themselves, they pant. But then again, you can provide them comfort by allowing them to spend time inside your house or at least let them in your basement.

5. Make sure their kennel is positioned in a shady area.

It is best that you put your dog kennel in an area that is cool and shady. If you position it somewhere that is directed to sunlight, you probably need to buy a sunshade or at least improvise using a thin blanket.

6. Get your dogs some cooling pads.

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These days, there are a variety of cooling pads you can purchase to keep your canines cool. Though they come in different styles, most of them are actually filled with a certain type of gel that gets rid of the heat inside your pet’s body.

If you can’t find one, you can simply put a damp towel on the floor. Once your pet lies down on it, the heat in their body will be eliminated.

7. Midday walks must be avoided.

Ideally, dogs should be taken for walks early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the air is cooler. But if you feel the need to go out to train your new pups, make sure you choose a shady place, such as near the river bank or at dog parks.

If you are out, do not let your dog’s paws have contact with the hot pavement. During summer, the streets can get so hot that it can burn not only your dog’s paws, but also yours. As much as possible, let them walk in the grass.

8. Hire a groomer to trim your dog’s coat.

For pooches with long and thick coats, this tip is really important. But be careful though, as the fur might take a long time to grow back once it has been trimmed. Exposing the skin might result in sunburn.

9. Do not leave your dog in the car.

Keep in mind that the heat levels inside the car may rapidly rise. So leaving them in may result in death. When traveling, do not just consider the use of dog crates. Allow them to move around freely, leave your windows open, and bring some water with you.

10. Check them once in a while.

During warm days, you need to pay close attention to your dog’s condition. When you notice something isn’t right, do not just rely on complementary therapies. Instead, you need to call your vet.


While spending time outdoors is necessary for dogs, it is your duty as the owner to be wary of heat exhaustion. With these tips, for sure, you’ll be able to keep your dogs safe and cool all throughout summer.

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