5 Signs That Your Pet Cat Is Happy

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Do you want your feline friend to be happy? Of course, you do! In general, cat owners wish their four-legged pals total happiness because if cats are blissful, they’ll show it. We offer a wide range of premium cat enclosures that will certainly make your furry friend both happy and safe.

Just like humans, cats have their own ways of telling and showing you that they are happy. In most cases, they will use their body parts to express and show happiness. While some will hold their tails straight up, others will give you a slow blink. There are also cats that will roll on the floor and grin. 

True, there are many ways a cat can show its happiness. However, the signs listed below have already been proven to be real signs that a feline is in utmost bliss: 

1. Dilating or Blinking Eyes

pet cat, cats, cat care, cat care 101

The eyes of a cat can tell you a lot. They are so expressive that you can tell if he is happy or not. In some instances when you notice his eyes dilate, that means he is happy. If you notice that he is giving you a slow blink, especially when you are staring at him, he is often telling you that he is content and happy. 

2. Yawning and the Position of the Whiskers

pet cat, cats, cat care, cat care 101

Yes, a cat’s whiskers can also tell you his current mood. Observe them. If your cat is relaxed, his whiskers are often positioned slightly to the left. This is their neutral state. If he notices something interesting in the environment, his whiskers move forward. 

Now, if your cat is afraid, he often pulls his whiskers down, flatting them on the cheek pads. When they do that, they appear much smaller and less aggressive. 

Also, if he yawns with an open mouth, he is telling you that he is relaxed and contented. Then again, there are rare instances when your cat uses an open-mouth yawn to tell you that he is bored, just like we do. 

3. Ear Position

pet cat, cats, cat care, cat care 101

It is obvious that a cat is content and relaxed if its ears are facing forward and are tilted slightly to the back. But it is also worth noting that there are instances when a cat’s ears will move to find the source of a sound. When your cat does that, it only means he is alert and not really happy. 

Nonetheless, you can tell if the movement and position of the ears convey happiness. If it is only the ears that are moving and not other body parts, then he is still blissful. 

If the ears of your pet cat are lowered, he might be feeling stressed or fearful. There might be something going on around him that is causing him to be anxious. If only one ear is flattened and the other one is perked up, it is a clear indication that he is uncertain about the things surrounding him. And for sure, he does not know how to react. 

4. Tail Position and Posture

pet cat, cats, cat care, cat care 101

If your cat sleeps with his paws tucked under his body, he is relaxed and happy. He is trying to tell you that he is in an environment he calls home. He knows he is safe because he trusts whoever is in there. He is confident nobody will hurt him. 

But if he straightens his legs and the hair along his spine seems to stand, he is feeling a bit apprehensive. Normally, a submissive feline will just shrink to the ground to appear small. 

The position of your cat’s tail can also convey his current mood. Happy felines usually straighten up their tails with the tip curled. A scared cat has tails with hair puffed out to look dominant. A submissive feline will just hide its tail between his legs. 

5. Environment Interest

pet cat, cats, cat care, cat care 101

Cats that feel comfortable will often show interest in their environment. In fact, some felines become more assertive whenever they explore their surroundings. They seem to paw at everything they see, even cat scratching posts or furniture pieces, without showing any signs of fear. An afraid cat, on the other hand, will shy away.  

There are also times when a happy cat won’t paw at the things it comes across with. He will just watch it calmly and explore his environment with just his eyes. 

The Bottom Line 

pet cat, cats, cat care, cat care 101

If you really want your pet cat to be happy, you should not just rely on these signs. Better yet, you have to act. Show them that you love them by providing their basic needs. Give them food and shelter. Spend time with them. Make them feel welcomed. 

At the end of the day, if your cat notices your efforts, he will thank you in ways only he can do. So, starting now, do your job as a responsible pet owner. If possible, do your homework and research about other ways to make your feline friend happy. 

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