7 Pet Dangers to Look Out for This Halloween

pet dangers, Halloween

There’s no denying that the air is filled with so much horror and terror. While establishments are adorned with hair-raising ornaments, households are prepping tasty delights. And just when we thought that Halloween is a time for kids to enjoy, we often overlook the fact that there are potential dangers to our pets that may be lurking in the vicinity. Hence, it is for that reason that we’ve come up with a list of possible pet dangers you must look out for in the world’s favourite yet disturbing holiday.

1. Jack-O-Lanterns

For pets, the light emitted from Jack-O-Lanterns could be very enticing. In fact, some of them would assume they’re like new toys. Because of that, the risk of burning themselves is really high. Even if they know they are not allowed to play with the fire, they might accidentally knock it over while playing.

2. Costumes

pet dangers, Halloween pet dangers, Halloween pet dangers, Halloween

To give pets the chance to feel the spirit of Halloween, we usually get them to dress like sausages in a bun or like Lady Gaga. But in all honesty, we shouldn’t let them wear such costumes, unless we are confident that they will love it, else, they’d be stressed out.

If they really have to wear a costume, just make sure it is comfortable and it doesn’t constrict their barking, breathing, or any movement. As soon as you notice signs of discomfort, take off the costume right away.

Even if your pets enjoy wearing a costume, you must not leave them unsupervised. Chances are there might be parts that could easily come off. If ingested, it could become a choking hazard.

3. Candies and Chocolates

Candies, we all love them. Sad to say, they are among those treats our pets must never ever eat. Knowing that some ingredients could be toxic to animals, it is just right to keep candy bars out of their reach.

Chocolates, on the other hand, are another delights to avoid. All types of chocolates are unsafe for dogs, so if they accidentally consume some, call the vet immediately.

4. Candy Wrappers

If you believe that a candy wrapper doesn’t do any harm, you should change your thinking. These wrappers can be very attractive to animals because of the scent that food leaves on them. Because they are mostly made of plastics, they are definitely serious choking hazards. Therefore, every after eating candies or chocolates, make sure you dispose the wrappers properly.

5. Halloween Ornaments

Fake blood and cobwebs, glow sticks, and other eerie decorations are designed to make Halloween even scarier, but these objects could also post threats to our beloved pets. For instance, if your dog swallows fake blood or glow sticks, they could be poisoned due to its chemical content. Thus, it would be a great idea to keep an eye on your pets at all times.

6. Too Much Noise

Ever wondered why your pets go wild during New Year or even thunderstorms? It’s because all the noise is making them feel stressed. To keep them at ease while kids go asking for treats at your doorsteps, you might want to consider letting them in dog kennels.

7. Xylitol

pet dangers, Halloween pet dangers, Halloween pet dangers, Halloween

Most Halloween treats contain artificial sweeteners, so it would be a great idea to check the labels first before giving to your pets. Xylitol, in particular, is dangerous, as it could lead to seizures, liver failure, or hypoglycemia among pets.

Halloween may pose serious threats to your beloved pets, but with thorough planning and observing preventive measures, it could be fun and memorable for everyone, including pets! Instead of feeding them with leftovers from Halloween parties, why not create some homemade treats for them to enjoy? And then, avoid all these dangers and just keep safe.

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