9 Costs Every Dog Parent Must Prepare For

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Raising pets can be very rewarding, but it could get better than that if you don’t overlook and disregard the possible expenses that come with the responsibility.

Here’s a little trivia to give you an idea. In the first year alone, a dog parent can spend up to $2,000. That excludes the costs for dog grooming and pet insurance. Well of course, that is nothing to worry about because the expenses may decrease slightly in the next few years.

But seriously, what are the costs to consider before getting a dog companion? Here are 9 of them:

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1. Initial Expenses (Purchasing, Pet Supplies, Medical Exams)

Of course, adopting a canine from shelters is far cheaper than purchasing one from legit breeders. This is because these furry creatures are already vaccinated, micro-chipped, physically examined, and neutered, so you get to save a lot from the initial expenses. Perhaps all you need to get are dog crates, leashes, and pet food.

2. Food

Like humans, dogs also need food in order to survive. Then again, the budget you have to allocate for them differs depending on the breed, size, and age of your dog. Also, the brand of the dog food may also affect your choice. Just remember that expensive dog foods don’t always guarantee quality. Make sure you check on the nutritional value to ensure all the essential needs of your pooch are met. Else, you’ll end up paying more for emergencies.

3. Recreation

Same as with food, the costs for recreation vary for each dog. For instance, if your canine pal is prone to chewing, expect higher replacement costs because his toys may wear out easily. Nevertheless, having a steady supply of bones should save you and at the same time keep him busy and less destructive.

4. Regular Vet Visits

To somehow reduce the costs of raising pets, experts suggest taking your dog to the vet for an annual physical examination. By doing that, you will know whether vaccinations are needed or flea and preventive measures must be taken. But it is worth noting that the cost of veterinary care also varies. If you are in a flourishing and bustling city, fees are usually higher.

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5. Pet Emergencies

Depending on the situation, the costs of emergency treatment may rise up to thousands of dollars. If your furry pal got hit by a car and requires surgery, the vet bills could be very high. Therefore, it would be wise to save ahead, especially if your dog is older, so that you can just tap into your funds when the need arises.

6. Pet Insurance

Okay, this one is completely optional, but it can significantly reduce your emergency vet fees. According to research, insurance costs can reach up to $225 in a year and premiums differ depending on the age and breed of your dog. In order to avail, you need to pay all the vet bills at the time of service. After which, seek reimbursement from the insurance company.

7. Grooming

Pet grooming can be a preventive investment because it can keep your dog’s skin free from irritants. While you can always do it yourself, it is best that you trust the professionals to do it so as to ensure everything is taken care of.

Grooming normally covers brushing, trimming of the coat, and cutting of nails. However, not all of these services are required. If you feel like the weather is too hot and your dog’s coat is making him feel uncomfortable, trimming his thick coat might help.

8. Dog Kennels and Crates

If you are a travel buff, it is best that you provide your pooch a reliable dog kennel or crate. Not only will it secure him while travelling, it’ll also protect him against stressors you encounter on the road.

When choosing a dog kennel, do not be tempted to get the biggest size. It is better if you take into consideration the size of your pet. Often times, giving him a kennel that is too big will make him feel threatened, hence be careful when making a choice.

9. Dog Walks

Dog walking is not for everyone, but if you are always busy for work, you might want to consider working with a dog-walker. Depending on where you are located, rates vary greatly. But usual fees range from $15 to 20 per half an hour walk.

Despite these costs, being a dog parent is still one of the greatest things that can happen in your life. You don’t just get to experience years of happiness and love. You will also feel what it’s like to have a loyal companion. So now, have a better understanding of what expenses await you as you enter pet ownership. If you are lucky, you will reward yourself with a relationship that will last a lifetime.

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