Creative Chicken Coop Designs to Envy For

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A chicken coop is more like a home; only that it is designed particularly for the needs of your birds. In order to choose the right one, you have to determine the number of chooks you want to raise and style that perfectly suits your preferences and fits your space. But then again, this does not mean you can no longer get creative with it. Just allow your creative juices to flow and for sure, you’ll have something that the entire poultry farming community will envy for.

Below, we have compiled the most creative and unique chicken coop designs. While some of them look simple on the outside, we guarantee that you’ll be fascinated after you’ve seen the inside.

1. A Lively and Vibrant Chook House

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Painted with cool yet cheerful colors, this shed-style chook house is indeed something you might want to try. This is because it does not just have a comfy nest box that can be accessed from the outside; it also has a spacious enclosed run to allow your birds to spread and flap their wings. Aside from that, this enclosure is surrounded with plants, giving it a classic and natural look.

2. A Piece of Junk Turned to a Comfy Home for the Flock

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This chicken coop design is a proof that with creativity, you can put anything to good use. If you have a junk vehicle that is consuming so much space in your yard, why not turn it into a home for your birds. Doing so will not just benefit your flock. It will also save you money.

3. Furniture-Inspired Chicken Coop

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Are you planning to get rid of large furniture pieces because they are already damaged or are taking up so much space in your home? We suggest you make it something more useful. Simply gather some mesh wire, nails, and some other building materials. And then, construct a chicken coop out from it.

4. A Two-in-One Enclosure

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If you have limited space in your garden, but want to raise chickens and still plant, then do not fret. We have the perfect solution for you. Construct a small coop and have a small garden on top. With that, your garden will really look more alive and colorful.

5. Commercial yet Functional Coop

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Nowadays, different chook pens and houses are sold in pet stores and online. Of course, buying one would be the most convenient and easiest option. However, if you want to be unique, you need to exert a little effort and be careful in choosing. Get creative and add anything to make it stand out from the rest.

6. Upcycled Chook House

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If you have old water tanks in your yard, convert it to a simple chook house. Use pallet wood to create nest boxes and install branches to have perches. To make it more comfortable, add some hay or straw. Also, for added color and to avoid rusting, you can have it painted with any color you want.

7. Buried Underground

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Now, you can better protect your flock against predators with this chook house that is almost underground. With this, foxes and coyotes won’t think chickens are there somewhere because they are barely seen. And since it has a low-lying roof, you will have more opportunities to make it look alive and living. How? Simply plant edible shrubs on the roof. But if you want to disguise it, you can have the roof covered with dried leaves.

8. Telephone Booth-Inspired Enclosure

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To create a vintage-looking hen house, you can look for any old telephone booth. And then, use mesh wire to add windows for proper ventilation. If you want your birds to have more room to roam around, you can also add an extension run in both sides.

9. A Simple A-Frame

chicken coop design - 9

An A-frame coop is not just easy to build. It is also easy to clean and maintain. No wonder why it is becoming very popular among poultry farmers in urban areas. But then again, you can add your personal touch to it to make it unique. Utilize any ornaments you have at home, such as chandeliers. By doing such, your flock’s home will appear classy and elegant.

10. A Relaxing Home for You and Your Birds

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If you are the type of poultry farmer who likes to spend most of the time with the birds, then why not create a space where you and your birds can spend time together? Install a bench inside the coop so that you can have room for reading a book while watching your flock. Since you don’t want them making a mess on your sitting space, we suggest you put a screen door.

Even if there are plenty of chicken coop designs out there to inspire you, at the end of the day, you still get to decide which one perfectly suits your needs. But always remember that though you can easily purchase one online or in pet shops, it won’t hurt to make it more beautiful and creative.

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