Fox-Proof Your Chicken Coop with These Tips


Ever since I’ve discovered my odd fascination about anything related to pets, I’ve met lots of individuals confessing and sharing their experiences about raising animals. Sometimes, I find their stories all the same. Still, there are those that really capture my attention, making me want to explore further and widen my knowledge. I know. You think I am weird, but yes! Stories about animals simply make my world go round! Anyway, let me share this one story about a poultry farmer and his problem about his chicken coop.

It was a holiday. I don’t need to process orders and prepare them for delivery. It was basically a day for my chocolate lab and me. So we went out for a walk around the neighbourhood to get some fresh air and be exposed to a little sunlight. On our way home, I decided to go the hardware as I remembered I needed to fix the leaks in my house’s gutter.

Since my house is just about a block away from the hardware, I didn’t have to rush. It was still very early and I was confident that I could make it. When I arrived there, it seems like everything turned out smoothly. The item I was looking for was just around the corner.

As I neared the aisle where the item was located, I noticed a man in his 40s scratching his head. He seemed confused. Being the curious person I am, I decided to ask. “Is there anything wrong, sir?”

The man didn’t hesitate to share his concerns. “I am having problems with my flock.” Upon hearing those words, my inner persona was awakened. “If only I could help,” I whispered to myself.”

“Foxes always find their way in the chicken coop, frightening my birds away. They’re no longer laying eggs and some of them are getting sick. I don’t know what to do,” he continued.

And so I gave him some tips, which I learned from our customers and from my friends. But before I share to you what I told him, I hope you’ll stay tuned as I have something for you hiding just within this page. So here we go. How do you effectively fox-proof your chicken coop?

1. Use mesh wire and tack it to the bottom of the enclosure to create a wire floor.


Among all tips, this is probably the safest and easiest to do. But then again, this can only be applicable for small runs and not for tractors because you can just cover it with shavings or woodchips.

2. Attach mesh wire to the sides near the floor.

This tip can be applied for those with a very wide run. Simply install some wire mesh to the sides and bend it over. If the wire is not stiff, I suggest you pour soil over it and secure it with some stones or bricks. By doing such, you are actually creating some kind of a skirt all over the base of the run.

3. Paving or concrete.

This is basically up to you. You can simply lay down concrete or slabs and put something over it that is ideal for scratching. And then, place the run on top.


This way, there will be no way for foxes to dig from the ground and even if you decide to move the chicken coop around, you can still do so.

4. Electric fencing can be a great option.

Yes, this might not be as safe as others, but it is very effective. To ensure comfort and safety, ask an expert to install one for you.


But did you know that an electric fencing can also help add beauty to your chicken coop? With a wide selection of electric fences available for you, it would be easier for you to find the best design that will make your yard look more pleasant.

5. Make sure there are no gaps around the coop.

Even if foxes are electrified, they are very clever in climbing fences. Therefore, it would really be wise to double-check for gaps around the roof, door, or the base.


Fortunately, the man I met from the hardware managed to handle his problem with foxes with my suggestions, though I am really not sure what he really did. All I remember is that he purchased several rolls of wire mesh and a couple of bags of concrete.

If you will ask me which is the most effective tip, well, my answer depends on the circumstance. Again, if foxes are digging their way underground to the coop, then paving could be an option. On the other hand, if you wish your chicken coop to be portable, it is best that you tack wire mesh to the floor. Nevertheless, you can purchase a ready-made chicken coop that is fox-proof already.

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