7 General Rules of Paws for a Dog Holiday

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Dogs make great travel companions. As a matter of fact, plenty of pooches achieved instant fame for travelling with their owners. A French poodle named Charley is one of them.

However, while they seem to be easy to handle with, especially when going out for a dog holiday, having the right attitude and proper understanding of the rules can always assure you a safe and exciting trip.

Thinking you might need them soon; we outlined 7 of the most important rules of paws.

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1. Book an accommodation in advance.

Prior to your travel day, it is important that you have already chosen an accommodation that is not just accessible and comfy; it has to be pet-friendly as well. To be sure, call and ask whether they allow pets to be brought in. Doing so will save you from the burdensome task of finding another pet-friendly location. Always remember that being informed and prepared will give you an opportunity to have the most enjoyable vacation.

2. Vaccinations must be up-to-date.

For a worry-free dog holiday, it is best that you visit the vet to make sure your pooch is up-to-date with his vaccinations. There’ll be chances that your dog will be playing with some other breeds; so ideally, he has to be given C5 vaccines.

3. Dogs must have proper identification.

We understand that dogs could get adventurous at times, especially when they are new to a certain location. Because of that, you might want to microchip your dog so that in case he gets lost, others would know how to return them.

If he is already micro-chipped, make sure it is up-to-date. You wouldn’t want to go through all the stress and anxiety brought about by losing a pet.

But if you think that isn’t enough, you can always opt for the traditional collar. Simply put your dog’s name and your contact details on the collar so that others can easily contact you when something comes up.

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4. Pack their travel essentials.

You read it right. Your pooch also has to have his own luggage when going out for a dog holiday. So what does he bring?

Of course, dog food is on top of the list. It is the most essential necessity for every dog’s luggage. Even if you are planning to get him fresh food the entire vacation, it is just right to have something you can easily access in case he gets hungry along the way. In addition to food, do not forget to bring food and water bowls. These items are vital to keep him filled and hydrated while on the road.

A dog leash must also be kept handy, as there are places that require your furry pal to be leashed all the time. Be sure to pack your pooch’s favourite toy to make his holiday so much more enjoyable, too!

5. Do not forget to bring a first aid kit.

Dogs get hurt too! That is why having a first aid kit is a must. This kit must include the following:

Cotton wool

Gauze swabs

Bite solution




Antiseptic cream and solution

Bandaging material

6. Be mindful of the dos and don’ts when traveling by car.

Why not? Travelling with your dog by car is indeed a great way to start your vacation. However, there are things you need to take into consideration.

The most important rule is to never leave him in the car, even if you just need to grab a drink or pee. The temperature inside the care could rise so fast and it could be fatal to dogs. According to studies, dog breeds with short noses, such as pugs, are at high risk.

If you must leave him, make sure you get back quick and check whether there is enough cool ventilation. Also, make cold water accessible to him.

As much as possible, take regular breaks. Like humans, your furry companions must be let out of his dog cage to stretch out once in a while. If they aren’t granted this opportunity, they could get wild or sick.

7. Get ready.

Vacations with disobedient pets can be very daunting. Thus, if you don’t want to go through all the chasing under the sun, you can perhaps enroll your dog in an obedience class. You want your pooch to obey your command even when not on a leash and you want him to learn to control his barking. Right?

If you think you don’t have enough time for training, maybe you can consider bringing a pet sitter. Though it could cost you a certain amount, just think of the perks you can reap.

Bonus Tip. When we talk about dog obedience training, we’ve got the perfect tips for you. Simply grab a copy of the eBook below. Don’t worry. It’s free!

By planning your dog holiday ahead of time, you can make the most out of your time together. Hopefully, these rules can make the best happen. So where to go now?

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