Keep Your Pets Calm on New Year’s Day

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Another chapter of our lives is about to end. But then again, it only marks the beginning of a new one. In welcoming 2017, we usually celebrate with a huge feast. And of course, there’ll be fireworks. After all, it’s the New Year.

However, as exciting as it may sound for us, all those noises caused by fireworks can be very stressful, not to us, but to our fur babies – our pets. According to studies, stress due to sound can cause them to lose their appetite and lose their sense of direction. As their family, we have to keep them stress free by following these tips.

1. Confine your pets.

pets, pet safety pets, pet safety pets, pet safety

Your pet has his favourite hiding place whenever they feel scared. For most, a dog cage can provide a feeling of security and safety, but this isn’t always true for all pets. If your pet is not used to having a cage, he might find it stressful to be confined. Thus, before you let him into his cage, make sure you know him, so that if you can’t use it, you can look for a room quiet room for him.

2. Use positive noise as a distraction.

Even if you don’t have temporary crates, you can still distract your pets to somehow cover up those stressful sounds. You can do it by playing classical music. According to studies, that kind of sound can relieve the anxiety of animals. Yet, you have to make sure the volume is set to something comfortable – not loud like party sounds.

You can also try turning on the television. If your pet has a favourite TV show to watch, you can play it again and again until the loud explosions are over.

3. Natural oils work wonders, too.

For your canine buddies, you can try using lavender oil. In fact, it has been used to get rid of stress and anxiety among dogs for years now. Simply spray the oil into the blanket of your dog. It’ll help them stay relaxed throughout the night.

4. Let him exercise.

Prior to New Year’s Eve, get your pet to exercise as much as he can. If you have a cat, you can spend time with him playing with laser toys and feather wands. Just keep him moving before the night comes. For dogs, let them play outside as much as he can. Hopefully, before the loud explosions begin, they’ll feel tired to get anxious by it.

5. Offer him toys for distraction.

pets, pet safety pets, pet safety pets, pet safety

By the time you hear those noises, find your pets some toys to play with. If you have a cat, put some catnip into his toy. If you have a dog, stuff his toys with peanut butter to keep him distracted.

6. Seek help from the vet.

It would really help to speak with the vet on how to handle stress issues on New Year’s Day, especially if he already knows about it. He might be able to recommend different anti-anxiety tips for your pet. Well, this might not really work if it’s going to be your first time talking to him. Still, it’s worth trying.

7. Spend the night in a very quiet place.

Do you have family members or relatives residing in a quiet place? Why not spend the night there? It’ll definitely keep your four-legged pals stress-free, considering that all you’ll hear will be crickets and silent chatters.

In case you don’t have relatives living in such places, you can still opt for an overnight stay in the woods. You can watch the sky light up from a distance with your pets. If trekking is not your thing, you can look for pet-friendly hotels to stay for a relaxing pet holiday. You and your little buddy can rest at ease and comfort. That is a guarantee.

8. Never leave your pets behind.

Do not ever ignore your pet’s fear of the loud bangs and explosions. As much as possible, be by his side at all times. Try putting yourself in his shoes. Do you want to be ignored while you are trembling with fear? Would being comforted by somebody you love make you less scared?

The best thing you can do for him when he gets anxious is to be calm. Show him that there is nothing to be scared of. Speak to him nicely. Show him lots of affection. Offer him treats. By doing that, your pet will understand that as long as you are near, he will be safe and secured. But always take note that like humans, they might easily panic so you must look after them and comfort them during that noise-filled night.

Although the New Year’s Eve is one of the most exciting days of the year, it can be a night of stress for our pets. With the loud music, laughter, and fireworks, they might feel their world is under attack. So help them get through the night by simply considering these tips and some helpful New Year’s resolutions.

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