How to Get Your Dog to Love His Kennel

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Yes, the dog kennel is known to make training easier and better. But it has some other uses, too. Not only does it provide a comfortable shelter at times when your pooch is feeling sick; it also provides a safety and security for traveling.

Then again, there are dogs that think the kennel is not a friend. If that is the case, you need not to be sad. You can always get them to love it. Here’s how.

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Choose the Perfect Dog Kennel

You don’t just purchase a dog kennel just because it’s cheap and cute. Of course, you need to consider several factors. The size of the kennel is one of the most important. Ideally, it has to be big enough for your canine pal to stand up and stretch. The thing is that it must not limit his movements, otherwise, he’d feel scared and threatened.

In addition to a spacious haven, it must also be cozy and inviting. And how are you going to make that happen? It’s simple. Set up a dog bed that is safe and chew-resistant. If your budget is holding you back to buy one, you can always make do with the resources available. Use rags or old bed sheets to make your own dog bed.

The Right Place to Put the Kennel

So where do you position the dog kennel to make it easy for your dog to appreciate it? Experts suggest to set it up somewhere near your favourite place to hang out. It could be in the living room or in your mini library. It could also be in the kitchen or beside your bed.

You can also move it from one place to another if the need arises. But if you can afford to buy a couple of kennels, especially if your house is so big, why not?

As soon as your dog knows your efforts, he’ll begin to love you and the kennel as well. Be careful though. Never associate it with punishment. Make the kennel a beautiful place as it can be.

Training Him to Love It

Whether you’re in a rush or not, there’s always an easy way to train your furry pal to love his kennel. Keep the doors open the whole day and make it available in the place where he usually spends his time to rest. Also, every now and then, you might want to toss a doggie treat inside. Whenever he gets in, tell him that he did good. And then, offer him another treat. By doing all this, you are actually sending him a clear message. That is the fact that good things happen to good dogs who stay inside the dog kennel.

If you wish to make training more exciting, try to spread peanut butter on the walls of the kennel. Or maybe put his favourite stuffed toy inside. When he smells or sees there is something good waiting for him in the kennel, he’ll do anything to reach it.

Getting Him Accustomed to a Closed Kennel

Once your dog is accustomed to getting in and out of the kennel, slowly close the door. But remember, always stay close. You don’t want to freak him out.  It would be easier to do this if your canine is relaxed or occupied because he’ll have a reason to stay.

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Dealing with Whining

Your dog is still barking and whining whenever you leave him in his kennel, now what? It’s not the end of the world. Think of the circumstances. If he whines every morning while inside, chances are he needs to get out for a toilet break. Just get his leash and take him out. Once he’s done, put him back to bed immediately. The idea is to help him satisfy his needs, but never turn those whining times to playtime.

Never Ever Associate Dog Kennels with Punishments!

Although kennels are nothing but cages, take note that your dog still needs freedom. Even how naughty he can get, don’t ever punish him by locking him in the kennel. You don’t want him to feel anxious and stressed whenever he sees the kennel.

It would help if you train him first to obey your simplest commands. Teach him to listen when you ask him to “stay” or “sit”. Teach him to come over if you call his name. If you don’t know what tricks or commands to begin with, go and grab a copy of the eBook below. It should help you get through the daunting yet rewarding training experience.

When used properly, the dog kennel makes a great tool for training. But if your fur buddy is not loving it, don’t get him wrong. Instead, help him to appreciate its uses. You never know, he just needs some time to get used to his new haven.

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