7 Reasons to Get a Pet Lovebird

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People who want to take care of a pet bird sometimes ask themselves what kind of bird will they get. Different birds have different advantages and disadvantages. For example, having a parrot as a pet is expensive and very time consuming because some parrots are big.

However, getting big type of birds like parrots is also an investment to your well-being and results in a rewarding and happy relationship with you and your bird.  But sometimes people don’t want the responsibilities of owning a big and intimidating bird and so they choose the small type of birds. They want something like a starter type of bird like parakeets, lovebirds and cockatiels which are less demanding to the new bird owners. But now we will talk about the advantages of getting lovebirds.

And one more thing, having small birds is a good choice, especially if you live in an apartment because they are less noisy unlike the parrot or other big type of birds.

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Lovebirds love to talk, especially to their owners. Even though they don’t have the vocal capacity of parrots, they still like to communicate with their owners. Lovebirds are also an extremely active type of bird. They always want to be in the middle of the fun and action. Even those shy parent lovebirds love to chill in their owner’s shoulder while wandering around the house. Though some lovebirds are still wary, a ride to their owner’s shoulder is a temptation they can’t resist which also helps build trust to each other.

Space Savers

Because lovebirds are small in size, they are the ideal pets if you are short on space within the apartment or your house. These lovebirds will also require small toys and less food which is very ideal if you are on a tight budget. Storing these small toys and foods will not require a large and bulky bins. Though owning a lovebird will require a large bird cage, just think of it as a furniture inside your place. And because of the small size, though they still make some mess, but not as much mess as big pets do, which makes cleaning the mess fast and easy.

Initial Expenses

This small bird is an affordable bird because of its size and the resources needed to breed the bird. The prices will only vary depending on their species and coloration.

You will not require a lot of money for getting a lovebird, but you will need a sturdy and good quality cage to invest in so that it will last long. Unlike getting a large type of bird which requires a lot of food or maybe some toys your birds can enjoy, the lovebirds require less food because they do not eat much. Thus your initial expenses in getting lovebirds instead of the big type of birds are quite affordable.


Lovebirds are very active birds and have high energy. They are known to be a picky eater type of bird but they will need good nutrition to keep them active all the time and fully charged. If these lovebirds are not exposed to other varieties of foods during their weaning, they will just stick to the food that they are familiar with, which are seeds. The best diet for the lovebirds are some fresh fruits and veggies, staple pellet and some seeds.


Bird toys are very important to these lovebirds’ well being. These birds can easily get bored and they are also very clever. If the lovebirds are left alone for a very long time, it will have some behavioral issues and build a relationship with them might be difficult. Bird toys are somewhat expensive, so be sure to buy the durable toys for them.

Once you have some durable toys for your lovebirds, swap them out from time to time to keep the birds interested with their toys. Having the same old toy within the cage will make the lovebirds bored and feel uninterested in it. It is important to keep them busy and entertained to keep up the trust between you and your birds.

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Cage litter

Having a cage litter is just optional. However, it does make the cleaning of the cage much easier, but it is not necessary to buy that. Budget type litters or liners can be some old newspapers, old magazines or even old phone books.


This is the most important thing for lovebirds, maintenance. They require a maintenance on their feathers, nails and beaks. Giving them good durable toys should take care of most of the maintenance. It is also up to the owner if you want to clip your lovebirds’ wings. While some people leave their wings alone, others prefer clipping them. Clipping their wings is also part of taming these birds. Untamed lovebirds will lead to territorial bitings and other issues.

Now, would you consider getting a pet lovebird? Let us know below.

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