4 Common Rabbit Injuries That Need Immediate Vet Attention

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Pet rabbits bring joy to us pet owners and our family. It is part our job as the pet owner to be the caretaker of them and keeping our pet rabbit healthy and safe from harm. But no matter how careful we are, there are still some time that our pet rabbits can’t avoid accidents resulting in injuring themselves. Many of these accidents can be avoided, but there are times that no matter how careful you are it still happens.

In this blog post, we will discuss the common injuries that a rabbit can have and how to deal with them immediately and also some tips on how to avoid these injuries from happening within your home.

Torn Toenail

This is one of the most common injury a rabbit can get. The toenail of the rabbit may get caught on something and get ripped out at the base. It then causes bleeding and a rabbit in pain.

common rabbit injuries, rabbit care, rabbits, pet rabbits'

Most torn toenail injuries may not require extensive care depending on how it looks. If the rabbit’s nail is completely torn off, apply gentle pressure to the area for 1 to 2 minutes to help stop the bleeding. If some nail still remains, you can use flour or styptic powder to help stop its bleeding. In some cases where the tissue is exposed, it can develop an infection to the injured area. If you see any redness or a swelling develops within the area, have your veterinarian examine your rabbit.

common rabbit injuries, rabbit care, rabbits, pet rabbits'

You can prevent this type of injury by trimming your rabbit’s nails regularly. You can also avoid this by avoiding those types of beddings with materials that has fibers that can encircle and tangle your rabbit’s nails.

Crushing Wounds

No matter how careful you are, accidents unfortunately happen. When you or your family members are in a rush, sometimes the doors get slammed which startles your pet and sometimes when this happen, your pet may collide with some dangerous objects. Crushing and penetrating wounds are common injuries from these accidents. The best cure for this is to prevent this from happening.

common rabbit injuries, rabbit care, rabbits, pet rabbits'

If you just let your rabbit roam around your house, be sure to check the doors before opening and closing. But sometimes you forget and get careless and your poor little rabbit gets caught in between the door. If that happens, you need to monitor your rabbit closely after the accident. If your rabbit is unfortunate and you see any bleeding, take your rabbit immediately to the veterinarian. It is possible that your rabbit suffered a fracture or maybe internal damage.

Sometimes, our rabbit may appear fine after the accident. Even though they look fine, monitor them closely and check for signs of problems. In case is having difficulty in breathing or any loss of appetite or even fecal production, it is best to bring your rabbit to the veterinarian and get examined.

common rabbit injuries, rabbit care, rabbits, pet rabbits'

Be sure to rabbit proof the door area and where your rabbit lives, such as the rabbit hutch. Remind your family and also yourself to always check the door before opening and closing. Heavy moving objects, reclining chairs and even foldout beds poses a great risk to your little rabbits so be sure to keep your rabbits away from these objects and furnitures within your house.

Penetrating Wounds

This type of injury happens when a sharp object penetrates your rabbit’s skin. Sometimes the sharp wires of cheaply bought or made cages are to be blamed for this injury. Always keep in mind that if your rabbit suffered this injury, bacteria from the object that penetrated the rabbit’s skin will be transferred to rabbit’s tissue or worst if it penetrates even further.

common rabbit injuries, rabbit care, rabbits, pet rabbits'

Let your veterinarian evaluate your injured rabbit immediately in order to determine what antibiotics or if your rabbit may need a surgery if needed.

You can prevent this type of injury by rabbit proofing the whole house or just the area where your rabbit lives. Always check the area for sharp objects or wires that you think can injure your rabbit.


Fractures on the rabbit’s back or legs is another common injury a pet rabbit can have. One of the common cause of this is improper handling of the rabbit. The rabbit’s bones are delicate in comparison with their muscle mass.

A common cause of why your rabbit is suddenly paralyzed is because of back fracture. If your rabbit is unable to move his back legs suddenly because of mishandling or any other cause, bring him to the veterinarian immediately and have him examined and tested which includes radiographs.

common rabbit injuries, rabbit care, rabbits, pet rabbits'

Rabbits with a back injury is one of the worst injuries a rabbit can have. It sometimes results in the loss of sensation in their back legs and sometimes their bladder will not function. Euthanizing is the most humane thing to do if your rabbit suffered this misfortune.

You can avoid this unfortunate injury by handling your rabbit carefully. Be sure to always support the weight of the rabbit when picking them up and placing them back again on the ground. Always keep in mind that a rabbit might try to escape or jump off when handled so be sure to have a secure but gentle grasp on your rabbit.

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