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3 Ways to Eliminate Unacceptable Dog Behaviors

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Training a dog to have behaviors acceptable to humans is an important part of a dog social development in today’s world. Some people want to train their dogs to develop skills, and others just want their dogs to learn how to do tricks just for sheer entertainment purposes. Dogs will naturally show many instinctual behaviors […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Washing Your Pet Dogs

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Although your dog’s smell may seem nothing but the usual, there are pooches that are too particular with their smell. Some just don’t like it when they smell foul. Others hate it when they are too greasy. Hence, the need for dog washing or bathing is important.  Interestingly, regular dog bathing and grooming can help ensure a happy and […]

How to Teach Your Kids Responsible Pet Ownership

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Having pets and kids at the same time can be very relaxing and fun. However, while your pets and your kids can benefit from one another, it is important that you as the more mature pet owner, teach your kids some important pet ownership measures. Children can play a great role in caring for pets, as long […]

The Best Dog Treats You Can Give Your Adorable Little Pup

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While your four-legged pals are still puppies, it is best that you take time to bond with them. If possible, let them play and socialize. Allow them to discover things by themselves. If you have time, you can also train them. However, letting them try these activities can be very challenging. One moment, they’d play […]

The Basic First Aid Guide for Dogs

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We’re quite sure that most of you have a first aid kit at home filled with everything you need in case injuries and illnesses occur. However, do you think you have enough supplies you can use in the event your pet dog gets involved in an injury? Yes? No? Well, you should probably prepare a […]

5 Symptoms of Bloat You Should Know to Save Your Dog’s Life

symptoms of bloat, save your dog's life, dog care, dogs, pets

Believe it or not, bloating in dogs is one serious emergency that needs immediate attention. At one moment, you see your canine pal happy and healthy. The next hour, you see him battling in a life and death situation. In cases like this, the odds can be against your favor. So, what should you do […]

5 Fun Things to Do with Your Pet Dog on a School Holiday

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Have you been with your pet dog for quite some time now? If that is the case, we’re pretty sure you’ve seen everything. And we know that you have been through the challenge of keeping him up and entertained throughout those long school holiday vacations. The good news is that there are many different activities […]

Tips on Puppy Proofing Your Own Yard

puppy proofing, puppy care, dog care

Having a puppy or a lot of puppies is a very fun experience to have. They are very active and loves to play, especially playing outside your yard. But playing in your very own yard poses some dangers to your beloved little puppies. You may not know but there are some objects or plants that […]