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How to Do Crate Training for Dogs Properly

How to Do Crate Training for Dogs Properly

How do you think your dog defines his create? “A private room with a gorgeous view and filled with sumptuous treats? A refuge that offers him safety and security? A quiet place where he can spend most of his time at home?” Well, these definitions are all true, especially if you combine them all. A […]

10 of the Gentlest Dog Breeds on the Planet

They say, “A house without a pet is never a home.” I totally agree with that. However, I have to be honest to you and to myself. The only pet that could ever make my house a home is my chocolate Labrador. Well, it’s nothing to argue about. It’s only my opinion as I’ve been […]

Keep Your Canine Pals Happy in a Dog Cage

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It was a sunny Sunday. So I thought it was a perfect time to walk my favourite chocolate Labrador in the park. Considering the distance of the park from our house, I had to prepare a couple of treats for myself and of course, for my furry pal. Since my dog pal isn’t so comfortable […]

Fun-Filled Pet Activities to Do on Easter


Easter isn’t just a time to rejoice. It is also a perfect occasion to spend time with your loved ones and family members. Although it is typical to go out to the beach and spend the whole day out in the sun, there are families who would rather engage in pet-friendly traditions. Over the years, […]

The Perks of Using Dog Crates and Cages

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Using dog crates and cages offers a lot of benefits. Aside from being durable and useful shelters to dogs and some other animals, these also serve as a wonderful haven for relaxation, where they can spend their time to rest, unwind, or even play. But did you know that these crates have lots of other […]

Must Know Tips Before Buying a Dog Crate

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There are plenty of good reasons to dog crate train your pooch. While it is vital to avoid any unwanted breakages at home, it also serves an important purpose in their lives. How? Dogs do not usually want their beds to be soiled. Therefore, if the crate is designed as a resting place, your dog […]

Keep Your Pets Happy and Safe This Christmas


Christmas is the time to party and get together with loved ones, family members, and friends. Although that fact is quite obvious, nothing else can ruin good cheers than emergencies like unexpected trips to the vet. Of course, keeping your pets safe all the time is your responsibility as a pet owner. But we do […]

Make Christmas More Fun for You and Your Pet


For many, Christmas is the time to indulge in sumptuous treats, go on long vacations, and attend parties here and there. However, it is also the season to be with family. And when you say family, this includes distant relatives, friends, and special individuals. But it doesn’t end there. Of course, our pets are also […]

Ways to Keep Your Dogs Cool This Summer

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When the summer season comes, the temperatures begin to rise, affecting not only humans, but animals as well. However, for some animals like dogs, keeping a cool temperature is extremely vital and excessive heat may result in life-threatening conditions. Thus, to avoid this from happening, it is important that you take note of heat stroke […]

Dog Flea Prevention: How to Stop Them


While adult fleas are often spotted on your dog’s coat, they actually love to lay their eggs in the surrounding environment, such as in rugs, carpets, bedding, or even in the grass. So obviously, getting rid of these parasites can be a daunting process. According to studies, for every flea you see on your dog, […]